WOOD SABOLD is a fine art photographer living on the Southern Oregon Coast specializing in large format scenic and nature photography. Wood also provides editorial and stock photography to image licensing businesses and is available for commercial assignments. In addition to his museum quality fine art prints, Wood's work can be seen in calendars, magazines, books and advertisements.


Formerly confining his scenic work principally to the natural landscape, Wood has been given the opportunity to photograph the world-class golf courses of Bandon Dunes Resort on the southern Oregon Coast. Thanks to the owner, Mike Keiser, and golf course architects David Kidd and Tom Doak, these courses have been designed and built to respect and showcase the natural seaside landscape providing a new and exciting challenge for Wood's photography.

PACIFIC DUNES 11.13 Image golf2.01
Pacific Dunes 11.13

BANDON DUNES 6.1 Image golf2.02
Bandon Dunes 6.1

PACIFIC DUNES 11.14 Image golf2.03
Pacific Dunes 11.14

BANDON DUNES 16.b Image golf2.04
Bandon Dunes 16.b

PACIFIC DUNES 13.4 Image golf2.05
Pacific Dunes 13.4

BANDON DUNES 5.1 Image golf2.06
Bandon Dunes 5.1

PACIFIC DUNES 13.12 Image golf2.07
Pacific Dunes 13.12

PACIFIC DUNES 4.9 Image golf2.08
Pacific Dunes 4.9

BANDON DUNES 15.2 Image golf2.09
Bandon Dunes 15.2

PACIFIC DUNES 13.10 Image golf2.10
Pacific Dunes 13.10

PACIFIC DUNES 5.1 Image golf2.11
Pacific Dunes 5.1

PACIFIC DUNES 2.2 Image golf2.12
Pacific Dunes 2.2

BANDON DUNES 12.a Image golf2.13
Bandon Dunes 12.a

PACIFIC DUNES 1.1 Image golf2.14
Pacific Dunes 1.1

PACIFIC DUNES 11.11 Image golf2.15
Pacific Dunes 11.11

BANDON DUNES 4.a Image golf2.16
Bandon Dunes 4.a

PACIFIC DUNES 10.4 Image golf2.17
Pacific Dunes 10.4

PACIFIC DUNES 11.12 Image golf2.18
Pacific Dunes 11.12

PACIFIC DUNES 14.1 Image golf2.19
Pacific Dunes 14.1


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